Verdant Creations - Chillicothe

Verdant Creations - Chillicothe


Verdant Creations - Chillicothe

1641 N. Bridge Steet

Chillicothe, OH 45601

(740) 617-8910


Verdant Creations in Chillicothe is open Wednesday through Saturday

9:30  AM - 6 PM

Dispensary Discounts

Verdant Creations in Chillicothe offers the following discounts:


Indigent: 25%

Where to get a dispensary card for Verdant Creations

Ohio Cannabis Connection in Columbus makes the process of obtaining a medical marijuana dispensary ID card easy and affordable.  Contact us to make an appointment so you can have access to medical marijuana at Verdant Creations in Chillicothe today.

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Verdant Creations Chillicothe Menu

Verdant Creations in Chillicothe has many options to choose from.  View their menu today.

Verdant Creations - Chillicothe

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