In search of the best price for an Ohio Marijuana Card?

Easy, straightforward pricing

Ohio Cannabis Connection has the best price in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus! We also offer a split payment option to help spread the cost out. You can pay the first half at your visit and the second half 30 days later.  That is it.  There are no "follow up" fees and we don't offer expensive payment plans. Your Patient Registry/Dispensary ID card will be good for one year!  We understand the cost to get an evaluation for an Ohio Marijuana Card isn't cheap so we help out as best we can.    

ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE: Your Patient Registry/Dispensary ID Card will expire one year after issuance. 30 days prior to your card expiring, Ohio Cannabis Connection will renew your registration with the Board of Pharmacy and your yearly ID Card for $150.

We accept cash, debit and all major credit cards.

As about our REFERRAL PROGRAM.  Let us know when you refer friends and family to us and they book an appointment. Save lots of $$$!

CINCINNATI & COLUMBUS HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Just $200 for your evaluation to get your Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry/Dispensary ID Card! You will be registered for your Dispensary ID Card within a day of your appointment! No hidden fees. No follow-up fees. Your registration and ID Card will be good for one year.