Ohio Dispensaries


Verilife 5431 Ridge Avenue, Cincinnati, OH (513) 599-1550

Verdant Creations 5149 Kennedy Ave, Cincinnati, OH (513) 964-1106

Have a Heart 8420 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH (513) 440-6340

About Wellness Ohio 1525 Genntown Dr, Suite B, Lebanon, OH (513) 970-2080

Bloom Medicinals 403 S. Main Street, Seven Mile, OH (513) 447-6459

Strawberry Fields 300 N. Main Street, Monroe, OH (513) 506-1857 

Strawberry Fields 333 Wayne Avenue, Dayton, OH (937) 233-0642 

Pure Ohio Wellness 1711 W. Main St., Springfield, OH   (937) 471-4142

Pure Ohio Wellness 1875 Needmore Rd, Dayton, OH (937) 519-1420

Mad River Remedies 5604 Airway Rd, Riverside, OH (937) 684-4621

Terrasana 183 Raydo Cir., Springfield, OH (937) 230-6505

The Botanist 115 Vine St, Columbus, OH (614) 924-2155

Bloom Medicinals 1361 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH (614) 407-1525

Verdant Creations 1243 N. Cassady Avenue, Columbus (614) 407-3111

Terrasana Dispensaries 656 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH  (614) 434-6929

Verdant Creations 1546 Church St, Newark, OH (740) 616-8097

Ohio Grown Therapies 1246 N. 21st St, Newark, OH (740) 443-3193

Herbology 1150 N. 21st St, Newark, OH (740) 899-8003

Debbie's Dispensary 1088 N. High St, Hillsboro, OH (937) 402-4016

Buckeye Botanicals 3 Acy Ave, Jackson, OH (740) 577-9367

Verdant Creations 1641 N. Bridge St, Chillicothe, OH (740) 617-8910

Ohio Provisions 3560 Dolson Court, Suite B, Carroll, OH (740) 993-0444

Ohio Cannabis Company 23024 Co Rd 621 Suite 1, Coshocton, OH (740) 295-9182 

Terrasana Dispensary 1800 E. State St, Fremont, OH  (419) 463-2703

Terrasana Dispensary 10500 Antenucci Rd, #200 Garfield Heights, OH (216) 232-2527

gLeaf Medical Cannabis 2932 Youngstown Rd, SE Warren, OH 44484 (330) 469-9499

Rise Dispensary 1920 Cooper Foster Park Rd, Loraine, OH 44053 (440) 363-0237

Rise Dispensary 3157 W. Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH (419) 365-2558

Bloom Medicinals 382 Blackbrook Rd, Painesville Township, OH (440) 299-1019

Leaf Relief  4323 Market St, Youngstown, OH (330) 333-3925

Eagle Dispensaries 502 N. Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta, OH (419) 738-4665

CY+ Dispensary 180 Main St, Wintersville, OH 43953 (740) 617-8649

The Forest Sandusky 1651 Tiffin Ave, Sandusky OH (419) 405-6863

Ohio Valley Natural Relief 840 Canton Rd, Wintersville, OH (740) 792-4267  

The Botonist 3840 Greentree Ave. SW, Canton, OH (330) 623-7430

The Botonist 30133 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH (440) 671-0420

FRX Health 1865 Dresden Ave East, Liverpool, OH (614) 484-7091

Clubhouse Dispensary 709 Sugar Ln, Elyria, OH (440) 252-4046

Verdant Creations 326 James Way, Marion, OH (740) 617-8913

Soothe 1155 N. Main St, Bowling Green, OH (419) 882-8200

Rise 1222 Prospect Ave. East, Cleveland OH (216) 243-0165

Bloom Medicinals 1238 Conant St, Maumee, OH (567) 296-9082

ZenLeaf 1851 Steinway Blvd SE, Canton, OH (234) 901-5900

Strawberry Fields 414 Greene St, Marietta, OH (740) 238-7603

The Botanist 46 S. Summit St, Akron, OH (330) 368-2144

Bloom Medicinals 737 E. North St, Akron, OH (614) 612-1240

The Botanist 3865 Lakeside Ave, East Cleveland, OH (216) 930-6550

Bloom Medicinals 1238 Conant St, Maumee, OH (567) 296-9082

Strawberry Fields 245 W. Main St, Logan, OH (740) 300-1821

Rise, 11818 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH (216) 273-0088

Herbology 1220 Buchholzer Blvd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH (330) 403-4076

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Patients have many options to choose from at the Ohio Dispensaries. 

The Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries have different products available to treat specific conditions and symptoms.  The staff at the dispensaries are very knowledgeable and can help you pick out which products will help you the most in conjunction with your recommendation from our doctor.  Medical marijuana sold at the Ohio dispensaries are lab tested prior to hitting the shelves giving patients peace of mind they are receiving safe, high quality product. The products available at the Ohio marijuana dispensaries include:

Flower (bud) – Flower can be purchased in different amounts, different strains (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid), and different ratios of THC and CBD.  Flower is split into two categories (Tier 1 and Tier 2) depending on its THC content.  Each product is tested and labeled by the processor so you know exactly what you are getting. You can achieve different results from each product and the bud tenders can help you decide which bud is best for you.  

Edibles  - Edibles include gummies, honey, chocolate bars, lozenges, hard candy and caramels.  This is a delicious way to take your medicine, which gives you a longer lasting effect.  

Topicals – These include transdermal patches and salves.  These products are excellent at treating target areas such as joints and low back.

Concentrates/syringes – Concentrates are available in many strains and ratios and include wax, rosin, resin and oil (including Rick Simpson Oil).

Vape pens – These are prefilled and ready to vape.  They come in different strains and ratios. 

Tinctures – These are drops that can be placed under the tongue for fast delivery.

This is a very exciting time for Ohio patients to be able to receive alternative treatment for their symptoms in a safer and natural way.  Our doctors are very understanding and compassionate and look forward to helping you on a path of a healthier regimen and better quality of life.  

Call to speak to one of our Patient Support Specialists or schedule online today.  We have offices located in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus for in-office visits or telemedicine available for any Ohio resident.  We accept new patients everyday and also offer renewal evaluations to existing card holders.  

Dispensary Discounts

All Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries offer discounts for veterans and patients on SSI/SSDI.

Local medical marijuana dispensary locations

All Ohio medical marijuana dispensary locations


To have access to the Ohio dispensaries, you have to be registered for the program and have a dispensary ID card. Call us to get scheduled with one of our doctors or book an appointment online today!