If, for some reason, you don't get approved, you pay nothing. Feel confident that you won't risk losing a deposit or visit fee with us. 

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You will receive your medical marijuana dispensary ID card the same day as your appointment. We'll have you off to the dispensaries in no time.


Receive your Ohio dispensary ID card for $75!


We have affordable payment plans available AND we do not require a deposit at the time of scheduling.



The State of Ohio has approved 21 medical conditions for treatment with medical marijuana.  

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what our patients say about us

"Highly recommend. Lowest price in Cincinnati. Visit was quick and enjoyable with dr Sacco. Received my email that night for my card. Handicapped access".

- Ellie A., Google Reviewer

"Great place, helpful from beginning to end. Extremely nice staff. Cool and knowledgeable doctor. Free and easy parking. Popcorn and coffee served in the office. Got my card already for the dispensaries.  Couldn’t ask for a better experience!!"

- Bobby T., Google Reviewer

"Got my medical marijuana card super quick and they helped me through the entire process from start to finish thank you Ohio Cannabis Connection!"

- Justin M., Google Reviewer

"The staff is so friendly and nice. They are willing to listen to everything you have to say in person and over the phone. They answer all your questions and concerns, I highly recommend them!"

- Abby K., Google Reviewer

"Very pleasant experience here. The doctor was very nice and very informative and provided me with some good information. Process was very simple and straightforward. I am happy I chose this company to get my recommendation and dispensary ID card."

- Sarah W., Google Reviewer

"Can’t beat the price and I got my medical marijuana card within 2 hours!"

- Sarah M., Google Reviewer

"Dr. White was very thorough..Appointment wait time, under 10 min.. Very professional.."

- pensad52, Weedmaps reviewer

"Very knowledgeable and respectful. loved the Dr. he was very helpful with the things I need to do for myself to get healthier."

- Mstngslly, Weedmaps reviewer

"This office is amazing. I was in and out in 20 minutes."

- Norahse, Weedmaps reviewer

"The process to get my ID card was easy and everyone at the office was very nice to deal with. Got the email for my card a few hours after my visit with the doctor. I recommend Ohio Cannabis Connection for anyone looking to get their ID card."

- Rastamama30, Weedmaps reviewer

"First class service and the woman that answers the phones will stop everything she is doing to help you. "

- usafmp, Weedmaps reviewer

"A very professional group of folks but helpful and down to earth. All my needs and questions were met and then some. I have already recommended this office to a few of my circle in need of the service."

- Jdav3120, Weedmaps reviewer

"Great place, made me feel good to see that people are here to help through this diffucult process. It also helps you alot to have all youre papers ready to makes so much easier for all us. went to dispecirary that weekend.Doc is awsome also, with a very sweet and nice recptionist. Recommend to all!!!"

- mrweed1974, Weedmaps reviewer

"I am so impressed with the whole process at this office. They couldn’t have been more helpful."

- 4eyedshorty, Weedmaps reviewer

"Receptionist was awesome, doctor was awesome, the whole atmosphere was awesome"

- Se7enCapadon, Weedmaps reviewer

"It was painless you couldn't asked it to be any smoother. Keep up the GREAT work!!"

- dANNYbOY1962, Weedmaps reviewer

"I highly recommend Ohio Cannabis Connection to anyone who wants to get recommended for medical marijuana and get into the medical dispensaries. They had affordable prices and helped me through the whole process very Kindly. Definitely going to tell all my friends and family to check them out"

- bowersrob1977, Weedmaps reviewer

"I can’t thank Ohio Cannabis Connection enough for all the help they’ve been to me. They were patient with me and helped explain everything to me and helped me make a healthy and positive change in my life that I couldn’t have done without them. Thanks again!"

- vanessasmith123, Weedmaps reviewer

Very knowledgeable staff completely helpful in every way I can’t walk so they brought all paper work to me so I didn’t have to stand. No wait time I was seen at exactly my appointment time. Doctors are very pleasant and helpful as well. Up front pricing and they throughly explain everything. Great Team

- Melinda S. (Google reviewer)

Enjoyable experience. Very nice people, knowledgable doctor, sweet and informative secretary. Delicious popcorn! Close and easy parking. no steps! Received the email for the card in about an hour after my visit. Id give more stars if I could! Price was lowest in town and I called everywhere! Just icing on the cake for me.

- Dustin (Google reviewer)

Going to the doctor has always been a negative experience for me but not here. i actually really enjoyed my visit with dr. sacco. ms. Brianna helped me get my card and printed it for me while there and ms. rickie took care of getting my records for me. these folks are a blessing working hard to help us get what we need.

- Tye (Google reviewer)

Amazing service! It is great to feel validated. The staff is amazing and very thorough, and Dr. Sacco was really helpful! Thanks guys!

- Mike A. (Google reviewer)

Yo This is the place! If you are eligible, go by pick up a card and talk to these wonderful people. Big thanks for all the hard work they have done and will do. 10/10

- Seamus B. (Google reviewer)

The receptionist was a sweet, caring, patient and helpful young lady!! She went out of her way to help me carry something from my car that I couldn’t carry due to my painful medical condition. The process was easy and straightforward. The doctor was very knowledgeable, patient, and caring as well!! Consultation and evaluation was fast and easy! Nothing hard, just straightforward and he explains everything in full detail! I was given my instructions on what to do next and even got my card within 2 hours of my visit with the doctor!! I am recommending this office to many people I know that suffer from ailing pain and serious medical issues. Thanks so much!! I’m so excited to get started on getting my life back on track !!

-Karmuull K. (Google reviewer)

"I absolutely recommend this office to everyone who is in need of a better pain management. To all of you Vets out there...The VA ain’t got nothin on this place. In and out!"

- mjclmtweed4me, Weedmaps reviewer

"These ladies here were so friendly and helpful and easy to deal with and the doctor was fast and helpful and friendly also and I have closer doctors but I will be a forever patient to Cannabis connection!!" 

- rivertowndave91, Weedmaps reviewer

"OhioCanabisConnection (OCC) was fantastic. Dr Sacco took his time to listen to my diagnosis, and made appropriate recommended advice. Brianna at the front desk was super helpful, and completed the patient process for me easily. I activated my card that night on the states website, and found Arbor Wellness dispensary in Ann Arbor Michigan to finish the whole process for now✌️😘💨 Thank you soo much OCC❤️"

- SugarBullove, Weedmaps reviewer

"The ladies here take care of you from start to finish. The price is good, you get your card almost immediately and they help you every step of the way. No doubt the best place around."

- ledzep4ever, Weedmaps reviewer

"I'm official! Dr. Sacco and staff made the process easy and enjoyable. I felt comfortable talking with him and Brianna helped me get my card within minutes. Yes, minutes! Price was the lowest I could find. Seriously didn't think it would be this easy."

- Gage W, Google reviewer

"There’s no way to say how great my experience was here. As an older generation person it’s hard to feel comfortable with new doctors. The whole experience was awesome"

- ginnylp, Weedmaps reviewer




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